Something new in your couscous grain department...

Let's eat healthily and well !
> It is easy with Ferrero couscous.

You’d better consume 1 starchy food by meal and 5 fruits and vegetables per day to ensure you a good food balance as the National Plan Nutrition Health recommends it.

Nothing simpler with seed of couscous which joins perfectly many vegetables and sometimes even fruits in a sweet tabouleh.

> The seed of couscous: so good for your body as pasta or rice.
Behalf of constituents graine de couscous sèche FERREROSeed of couscous FERRERO riz blanc cruWhite rice pates alimentaires cruesPasta floods
Average content per 100g
Energy (kJ) 1565 1498 1510
Energy (kcal) 369 353 356
Proteins (g) 13,2 7,36 12,5
Glucids (g) 72,9 78,1 70,9
of which sugars (g) 3 0,1 2,6
Lipids (g) 2 1 1,4
saturated with AG (g) 0,4 0,27 0,19
Dietarys Fibers (g) 3,4 1 5
Sodium (g) <0,02 0,004 0,005
Information from CIQUAL

> A well balanced eating idea
Couscous with green vegetables
Serves : 4 people
Cook 50g of peas and 70g of green beans for 5 mins in 20cl of boiling salted water. Then add 3 tablespoons of olive oil and sprinkle in 250g of couscous, mix, cover and leave to swell for 5 minutes off the heat. Fluff up with a fork, add 30g of corn and sprinkle with lemon juice.

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"Pour votre santé, mangez au moins 5 fruits et légumes par jour."